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Michael Colville is a Software Developer and Co-Founder of Nord Projects - a London based design and technology studio. He was previously Head of Mobile Development at Simplestream, and has over 8 years industry experience in iPhone, Android, Mac and Web development.

Contact - mike@nordprojects.co

Some of my past work

At The Races

iPhone app. Winnner of Broadcast Digital Award, 2016

Sole Developer, Obj-C

Launched July 2015


iPhone & Apple TV app with over 1,000,000 active users

Lead Developer, Obj-C

Launched Dec 2013


Pro music collaboration & sync tool

Contract Developer, Mac OS, Obj-C, Python, Django

Launched Sept 2016

National Women's Soccer League

iPhone app. Official NWSL app for scores, stats news and live games

Lead Developer, Swift

Launched April 2017


App platform for Raspberry Pi.

Collaborator, python, apps, tutorials

Launched May 2016


iPhone app. Worldwide service for African music & sport TV

Lead Developer, Swift

Launched December 2016


iPhone / iPad / Apple TV app. Digital channel platform for A+E Networks

Lead Developer, Obj-C / Swift

Launched November 2016

Square [ i ]

Now MacIP TV @ RoomNet TV. A solution for hotel in-room entertainment

Developer, Obj-C, Smalltalk, Ruby

Launched Feb 2012

Russian Dancing Men

iPhone Rythm Action Game. Co-developed with Weebls Stuff

Lead Gameplay Programmer in a team of 4

Launched October 2011